Daily Diary

Wednesday, December 12th / Dydd Mercher, Rhagfyr 12fed
 Singing – Hands Up / The Morning Song
 Large Circle – Story – Spider
 Small Group – Spider web paintings, wax resistant web pictures, spiders in snow – sensory activity, iPad work
 Playing in all areas of the indoor classroom, taking part in a selection of language and maths activities, construction, making pictures, jigsaws etc
 Singing – Christmas Spider
Saying Thank you to our friends

Just to let you know that:

  • We ask that if your child is poorly please could you ring the school and let us know as near to 9.00 am as possible. Our number is 01978 356177 or text 07507 218380.  It is so important that your child attends school regularly.
  •  Sara (Mrs Williams) and Emma (Miss Dransfield) are available each day at the beginning and end of each session to have a chat regarding your child’s progress or if you have any concerns or requests.


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